Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tap! Tap! Tap! is SIMPLE! EASY TO ENJOY! ADDICTIVE puzzle game.

And there are 10 different puzzles, cute characters and various decoration items you can enjoy.

Enjoy 10 different kinds of puzzles and various things in Tap! Tap! Tap!


1) 10 Kinds of Puzzles There are 10 different kinds of puzzles in Tap! Tap! Tap! such as Change Touch, Slide Touch, Memory Touch, Touch Touch, Push Touch, Cube Touch, Spin Touch, Up Touch, Line Touch, Number Touch and so on.

2) Cute Characters There are also 10 kinds of characters you can choose. Characters you choose could be found in the background of the game.

3) Various Decoration Items There are 20 kinds of decoration items. You can decorate your own game with these items, and that make you feel different every time you change background items.

4) Super Block Mode Super Block will appear when you remove blocks according to the rules of each game. Remove the Super Block to increase your scores two times, three times and so on.

5) Special Blocks

- Super Blocks

- 5 kinds of item blocks

- Action bad block.

- Unmovable X block

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monster Tapper

When I step into the castle, suddenly all system is out of order.
Oops! I’m alone here?
And all kind of monsters are coming from the coffins.
To survive, fake monsters, tap to attack, try to give them appropriate toys.
Can I escape here or not? Help me~

New style ‘Mole Hunting’ game
Various Comic style characters ‘vampire’, ‘zombie’, ‘frankenstein’, ‘chinese zombie’, ‘mummy’

Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's find it

If a cute Monster talks about an object that he wants to have, take one out of objects scattering around. And, Monster is very happy.
This product is the educational game contents provider of accurate English pronunciation sound services to help enjoy and learn different words quickly.
The three free primal themes will be provided in addition to other new themes to be offered without cease.

As additional contents download feature, another two themes are updated.
- Aquarium
- Sports

Cheese & Mouse

Bad guys gathered together to occupy all cheese blocks.
Now, let’s teach a good lesson to such guys and succeed in piling up all cheese towers
Please use different methods to combat against different kinds of mice appearing in cheese towers.

- First-aid kit : This stuffs life gages in full.
- Bomb : This kills every mouse on screen
- Hourglass : This adjusts the movement of the appearing mice to an adequate slow speed.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Escape the room ZERO

Hello to all of I-phone/I-Pod Touch users who have been very favorable towards "escape the room" series.
The latest masterpiece, Escape the Room zero, reveals the secret of its birth.
A scientist and the patterns of behavior of the detainees………And the shocking ending. You will have to break out of all the rooms to find out the hidden secrets.
The secrets that you get to know every time you get out of the rooms successfully will remain and conquer you in your head.
Use all necessary means to escape from the rooms!
Secrets behind the doors will be waiting to be revealed.

- Breaking out of the rooms is the main purpose of this game.
- You may win items, hints from tricks in the rooms.
- Items can be utilized by using particular physical actions such as [USE], [COMBINATION], [DISMANTLE], [OBSERVATION].
- The information and items you acquire in the rooms could be the key to lead you to successful break-out.
- You are going to figure it out! Believe in yourself! You will be the winner at the end!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Escape the room 2

Hello! We are happy to announce this news to all the iPod and iPod touch users.
We have come back with Escape the Room! In this series, we have enhanced quality of the game as well as the authority you are given in a vast space!
We expect users to thrill as they find out secrets of each room and succeed break-outs!
Do not miss any items or hints! Every thing you encounter on the way to the final stages will be key clues to break out of the rooms!
You should try to break out from toilet, subway, bedroom and so on. You might need help from your friends or colleagues.
Do whatever it takes to escape from the rooms!
And one more thing, make sure that you do find out the truth, why you have been locked up.
We believe in your capacity to solve the problems and stand as winners in the end!

- One day you were locked in a room..No..someone has locked you in there.
- The purpose of this game is to break out of all the rooms. You have to break out of all the rooms in order to find out the reasons.
- Make sure that you make use of every item and hint you obtain on the way out, these will help you figure out how to break out.
- Never give up. If you give up everything will be over.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tales Weaver

Tales of Weaver: Lucian Kaltz is a mobile game based on famous MMORPG entilted Tales of Weaver.

Tales of Weaver is well known for its compelling world based on the popularized novel, Children of Rune.

The mobile version has been modified to allow players to understand the story and lore of the world in a smaller package than that of the MMORPG version.

Kaltz family reside in the Anomard kingdom
Kaltz family line are the descendants of the legendary adventurer, Lagrandz Kaltz.
Lucian Kaltz is the future successor of Kaltz family.
Demerin Kaltz, father of Lucian, decided to make an offer to Lucian to ensure his take over as the Kaltz family successor: Once Lucian becomes a Knight of Exhibiter, he will get full support from his father to become an adventurer.
Lucian accepts his father's offer and travels to Exhibiter with his guardian knight, Boris Jinneman.
As lucican trains to become a Knight of Exhibiter, many unusual events begin to occur…….

Beautifully detailed graphics and engaging action game play and skill systems.
Character customizing system with variety of items.
Enchanting story line with plenty of play time.

Character: 3 character classes to choose from. Each class will have a focus of strength, speed or defence.
Pet System: Pets can be acquired during battle and rewards players with special abilities.
Item trade: Users can trade items on online.
Dual system: Users can attack other players dungeon. Users can place their pet to protect their own dungeon.