Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run or Die

It’s very simple game, Just Run or die!Run and Run and Run~ if you Do Not want die.

*********************************** Features *****************************************

- Simple maneuver~!! One button game that everyone can easily learn and enjoy

- Splendid action and rhythmical progress!! Maximized the fun and concentration toward the game by rhythmical and speedy progress, intensified the joy of hand maneuver by over 12 various movement depends on obstacles.

- Changeable stage!! 12 kinds of humongous monsters in total appeared in each theme and duel with the main character, change of sensation of speed that’s differently felt by composition of terrain(ground) of each stage

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Friday, December 18, 2009

World Runner

World Runner, the mobile version of BlueMarble which is the most famous board game in Korea, has been upgraded to be full with delightful story and various fun factors. Its major features enable to enjoy strategic plays; Pet system, 3D-look maps, card system with various skills, special buildings derived by the combination of basic buildings, and the beautiful graphic art as well. How to play:Each player can move by the sum of the rolled value of 2 dices, purchase the city where he is located, and build the buildings. If one get in where possessed by the other, then he must pay the fee for the toll or the rent. The goal of the play is to make the opponent bankrupt.
********************** Features **************************
- Pets 8 kind of pets are showed up. Each pet has its specific conditions to be available. Pets can be activated by using points acquired in playing the game and help player in various ways.
- Skill cards It can be purchased in the shop or can be acquired by the duels. Cards can be classified into 2 types-active type and setup type. The active type cards can be activated immediately when it’s be used. The setup type cards can be set up in the city where it’s used, and will be active when the opponent get in the city.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cosmic Star

Adventure the galaxy with super-cute hero, Large!“Save UZ, Save the Universe” UZ is creature that can awake Cosmic Star.Cosmic Star is easy one-touch control arcade game with splendid visuals.


- Seven completely different mini-games plus one bonus game.
- Easy to learn: You can do all the basic moves with just one touch.
- Hard to master: Each move is different depends on how long you touch the screen.
- Special Power: Constellation system adds more fun.
- Awesome visual effects and beautiful screen.
- In-depth storyline which you can reveal by finding tome of universal knowledge in game play.

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