Thursday, November 26, 2009


Independence is flight shooting game and the story is to fight against the Syrian fleets, the alien who invades the earth.
Only peace exists after national boundary is gone by development of Science and civilization that is background of this game.
You should drive back the many enemies, massive battleship, enormous boss and protect the Earth from Syrian fleets.
This game can give the hope when human beings fall into despair by threat of outside.

It has some difficult to use Gyro function in shooting game but it’s new experience to player.
If player plays Independence with the Gyro function, player can feel new and fresh experience.

Independence will be a good game for players who want to play concise shooting game.
Let’s enjoy Independence with gorgeous graphics and verisimilitude sounds.

*********** Features ************
- Interface and simple control system are optimized as touch screen.
- Each different feel game is produced by unusual three control system.
- Fast game playing with concise scenario progress for compact story.
- Magnificent Graphic and pleasure of control.
- BGM and Effect sound is applied which is made by famous sound artist.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A-Yo Sushi Master

Large sushi party, "sushi gone" three generations have continued against the tyranny of "bribery former sushi" character running Mari-KIM protagonist! "Sushi master 4 - Rotation Sushi" could not be found on the predecessor "sushi" business tycoon game is to introduce the system. Sushi by implementing realistic to focus on human relationships, sushi and a variety of ways of tailoring, fishing nets, pole-and-line fishing, sushi trim so new and different mini-games are available. Costumes for various events in the game equipped to play the game a fresh feel You can enjoy!


• Sushi maximize the system's reality seems as if the sushi chef immersion guaranteed!

• Reputation, physical, time, costumes, quests, strengthen, sushi, an event such as a tycoon system, adding a two-step upgrade!

• Traditional sushi, roll sushi, new sushi, shrimp tempura, pole-and-line fishing, net fishing, including game times trim ensure the best use your hands!

• More than 20 main missions and 50 different types of sub-quests to provide a variety of purposes!

• Send gifts, rankings, including five kinds of network systems and skills will compete with other users.

• Costumes, clover, collection enhancements, such as a master trophy!

• Taste, an impressive event, residence time, armed with a special menu, personality factors such as the 30 people waiting a lot of character!

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