Thursday, May 20, 2010


’Saving My Hero’ is a horizontal action arcade game.
Synopsis is very simple.
'Red Dragon' killed the father of 'Hero' long time ago.
'Hero' is now grown up and he wanted to revenge to 'Red Dragon'.
Very cute and dynamic characters will be shown up on his journey.
Also, this game requires simple control and very easy to play for everyone.

- The whole map have 9 worlds with 99 stages for each. To move to next world you have to clear 99 stages of former world.
- Quests and missions make this game more fantastic beyond simple action arcade game.
- Besides there are main quests for each of 9 worlds, several sub-quests exist in each of several stages.
- 'Lev-Down' system makes your 'Hero' to be able to equip an item that requires higher-level.

We uploaded v1.0.1 game.

video of game(UCC)