Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run or Die

It’s very simple game, Just Run or die!Run and Run and Run~ if you Do Not want die.

*********************************** Features *****************************************

- Simple maneuver~!! One button game that everyone can easily learn and enjoy

- Splendid action and rhythmical progress!! Maximized the fun and concentration toward the game by rhythmical and speedy progress, intensified the joy of hand maneuver by over 12 various movement depends on obstacles.

- Changeable stage!! 12 kinds of humongous monsters in total appeared in each theme and duel with the main character, change of sensation of speed that’s differently felt by composition of terrain(ground) of each stage

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Friday, December 18, 2009

World Runner

World Runner, the mobile version of BlueMarble which is the most famous board game in Korea, has been upgraded to be full with delightful story and various fun factors. Its major features enable to enjoy strategic plays; Pet system, 3D-look maps, card system with various skills, special buildings derived by the combination of basic buildings, and the beautiful graphic art as well. How to play:Each player can move by the sum of the rolled value of 2 dices, purchase the city where he is located, and build the buildings. If one get in where possessed by the other, then he must pay the fee for the toll or the rent. The goal of the play is to make the opponent bankrupt.
********************** Features **************************
- Pets 8 kind of pets are showed up. Each pet has its specific conditions to be available. Pets can be activated by using points acquired in playing the game and help player in various ways.
- Skill cards It can be purchased in the shop or can be acquired by the duels. Cards can be classified into 2 types-active type and setup type. The active type cards can be activated immediately when it’s be used. The setup type cards can be set up in the city where it’s used, and will be active when the opponent get in the city.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cosmic Star

Adventure the galaxy with super-cute hero, Large!“Save UZ, Save the Universe” UZ is creature that can awake Cosmic Star.Cosmic Star is easy one-touch control arcade game with splendid visuals.


- Seven completely different mini-games plus one bonus game.
- Easy to learn: You can do all the basic moves with just one touch.
- Hard to master: Each move is different depends on how long you touch the screen.
- Special Power: Constellation system adds more fun.
- Awesome visual effects and beautiful screen.
- In-depth storyline which you can reveal by finding tome of universal knowledge in game play.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Independence is flight shooting game and the story is to fight against the Syrian fleets, the alien who invades the earth.
Only peace exists after national boundary is gone by development of Science and civilization that is background of this game.
You should drive back the many enemies, massive battleship, enormous boss and protect the Earth from Syrian fleets.
This game can give the hope when human beings fall into despair by threat of outside.

It has some difficult to use Gyro function in shooting game but it’s new experience to player.
If player plays Independence with the Gyro function, player can feel new and fresh experience.

Independence will be a good game for players who want to play concise shooting game.
Let’s enjoy Independence with gorgeous graphics and verisimilitude sounds.

*********** Features ************
- Interface and simple control system are optimized as touch screen.
- Each different feel game is produced by unusual three control system.
- Fast game playing with concise scenario progress for compact story.
- Magnificent Graphic and pleasure of control.
- BGM and Effect sound is applied which is made by famous sound artist.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A-Yo Sushi Master

Large sushi party, "sushi gone" three generations have continued against the tyranny of "bribery former sushi" character running Mari-KIM protagonist! "Sushi master 4 - Rotation Sushi" could not be found on the predecessor "sushi" business tycoon game is to introduce the system. Sushi by implementing realistic to focus on human relationships, sushi and a variety of ways of tailoring, fishing nets, pole-and-line fishing, sushi trim so new and different mini-games are available. Costumes for various events in the game equipped to play the game a fresh feel You can enjoy!


• Sushi maximize the system's reality seems as if the sushi chef immersion guaranteed!

• Reputation, physical, time, costumes, quests, strengthen, sushi, an event such as a tycoon system, adding a two-step upgrade!

• Traditional sushi, roll sushi, new sushi, shrimp tempura, pole-and-line fishing, net fishing, including game times trim ensure the best use your hands!

• More than 20 main missions and 50 different types of sub-quests to provide a variety of purposes!

• Send gifts, rankings, including five kinds of network systems and skills will compete with other users.

• Costumes, clover, collection enhancements, such as a master trophy!

• Taste, an impressive event, residence time, armed with a special menu, personality factors such as the 30 people waiting a lot of character!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Step by Step

Evolutionary Mini Game! Step By Step!
The mini games that are made from transformation of circular movement will help everyone to play the games easily
And you will love the animals’ cute footprints and tiny steps!
Also, the 25 stages will stimulate your challenging spirit to conquer all of them


- Unique method using accelerometer, Escaping!

- You can enjoy new, various types of 6 mini games.

- Those who gather stars successfully can play bonus games.

- Be cuter, be easier! Gather foot soles!

Rhythm Station

This is a rhythm game that you have to hit the notes coming from the top of the screen.You can enjoy the real fun of rhythm game with excellent graphics and fantastic sounds.You can decorate your own stations with various effects and items.


★ 3 game modes ? 1 way, 2 way, 4way★ 3 Levels ? Basic, Expert, Master★ Decorate items ? Skins, Hit effects, speakers★ High quality graphics and fantastic sounds



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2010 ChessTournament

2010 Chess Tournament is a package of two chess games, chess and Janggi(Korean chess). It is the smartest chess game, created by our cutting-edge AI(artificial intelligence) technology.

- It offers a wide range of tournament selection from beginners to professionals. You can choose the appropriate level depending on your skill.
- Easy to save and reload the games you played to study and analyze the moves to improve the strategy.
- “Player Data Room” helps you to check your and other player's records.
- “Extra Bingo Game” makes the chess much more fun by awarding a variety of chess pieces and board.
- “Ranking Point System” with 48 different characters gives incredible excitement.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guardian Soul

Summon Action RPG! Summon the Guardian!!

1) Game Introduction
This romantic action RPG is about a novice knight, Leica, who defends her town Agnus from invasion of the Kingdom of Largo for the treasure, Agnesian. Starting the journey, she encounters a guardian master by chance and they get closer as time goes by. Revolving around main quests for defending Agnus, Leica faces many other guardians and guardian masters.
* Guardian Master: One with special power that summons guardians.

Items obtained from guardians enable you acquire other guardians, weapons, armors and potions from an alchemist.

2) Story
Guardian masters are regarded as a symbol of respect or sometimes a symbol of fear to the common people. One day, the Kingdom of Largo invades the holy territory, Agnus, with their guardian master, Cavalry. King Largo’s obsession to find the legendary treasure, Agnesia, gets excited though he is not sure if the treasure even exists.
In this time of chaos, one maiden visits Agnus…

3) Features
- Summoning : Numerous number of guardians that can be summoned!
- Quests : As quests given by NPCs are completed, the player attains high class.
- Alchemy : Items obtained on fights against guardians can be used to upgrade other guardians and armor. As the player's class gets higher, rare guardians, weapons, and armors can be created.
- Skill: In accordance with the guardians’ element, various skills exist, and can be used to damage the entire field.
- Arena: The place to easily collect materials and save up points by wiping out all the guardians in the arena.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


1. Game Introduce
“Once upon a time in the Bee World, Mike, Pinky, Bob and Sparks are the best friends and they always playing together since their childhood. But one day, the Queen asked them to stop playing but work! Mike and 3 friends started the great mission to bees: collecting honey!”
The ultimate figure swapping puzzler! Now it is in polygon.

More twist, story, mission and action than any other figure swapping puzzler!

Feel the infinite vibration as you swap adjacent Poly to match three or more colors in 6 different directions! Unlike other typical figure swapping puzzler, Polapoly let users to select 12 different ways to play the game.

2. Features
- “Chain Vibration!” Users enjoy various and unique vibration while playing each level.
- Buy and hatch an egg! If you are lucky, you may get special character!
- Each character has unique ability! You may get more bonus points and items depending on which character you use.
- Magnificent effect of chain explosion provides visual pleasure.
- Personal experience! Many skins let users to have unique and personal customized game.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Soul Card Master

1) Game Introduction
'A strategic card game right in your palms!'
Soul card Master is a trading card game based on a story in a fantasy world with beasts, ghosts, humans and other type of creatures and magic.
The Card Master, should tactically set out his original card deck as strategies will determine the win or loss of the game.

2) Feature
- The cards can be earned through a battle or purchased from the shop. This way, you can create your own card deck.
- You can travel through many regions and find out their characteristics. This helps you create your own card deck.
- 30 different characters will show up as your enemies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brain Up!

1) Game Introduction

Routine for a smarter brain - Brain Up!

enhances brain with 5 different kinds of mini games.
Instead of using your brain, it is better to play Brain Up for simple brain exercise, which is the check point. By constantly playing Brain Up, you might have a brain just like Einstein.

2) Features
- Logic, Calculation, Memory, Judgement, Music
These are the five categories of games with different levels.
- With the specialized category, Music can be tested.
- Daily Test, Brain Training, and Extreme Survival can be played anytime within the given amount of time.- Doctor Einstein will explain in the introduction4.
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Monday, September 14, 2009


1. Game Introduction
Become the detective who solves the Gallery Homicide case.

Conan O’Brien was expecting nothing more than a leisurely evening of observing art work when he was invited to the pre-exhibition party. Then he ran into Detective Christopher Columbo at the party, he sensed there might be something more going on here. And all of a sudden, all lights go out, and shortly after the party host, Steven Hilton is discovered dead. Steven’s death was caused by a heart attack from being electrocuted. But Conan O’Brien’s keen detective sense investigates the scene and soon discovers evidence against ruling out Steven’s death as being purely accidental. It appeared that was only the beginning of a long night of continuous mysteries…shortly after, another blackout and another murder…
The pre-exhibition party was an invite only party and now with two murders on the same evening! The murderer must be someone among us in the gallery now!

No way in and no way out from the party! Two murders and no suspects…The murderer is among us…

Will the truth be revealed? Will justice be served?

2. Game Features

▶ So many deep secrets lie within the confined space of the gallery? Hidden paths and secret rooms with mysteries after mysteries.
▶ You must use your good detective skills to solve the complex and twisted mysteries developed with multiple scenarios.
▶ 8 different puzzles are integrated into the game in order to acquire evidence and progress further into the scenario at important events during the investigation.
▶ Time restriction to solve the mystery within the allotted time.
▶ You must seek the truth through the intertwined secrets of all characters.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2010 Mahjong

1. Game Introduction
2010 Mahjong is a board game made up of Mahjong tiles.
You can clear stages when all the tiles are eliminated by connecting a pair of tiles which have the same picture.
Removable tiles are those connected by a straight line and a once or twice broken line.
Irremovable tiles are those connected by a three times broken line and blocked by other tiles.

2. Features
- Proceeded to the higher degree of the difficulty which leads a user to learn the Mahjong.
- Continuous updates of improved boards
- Various types of game modes such as “Original Mode” for a default game rule, “Seven Block Mode” eliminating numbers in order, “Survival Mode” that new tiles appear as time goes by.
- Exciting features such as breaking new records, tiles and background rewards of various designs.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mighty Dog

1. Game Introduce
Exciting arcade game about adventure of amazing Mighty Dog!

You can enjoy various types of 8 different mini-games and continue to challenge for the top score of each game. You can also collect cards with medals earned during the game to customize your own Mighty Dog. If you raise your stat points through collect of cards, you can challenge for higher score.

Are you ready to have fun?

2. Features
- Various types of 8 different mini-games.
- Stat point card system composed of strength, stamina, and luck.
- Various interruption and helpful game items adequately spread in the game.
- Combo and Fever, Lucky score system

3. ScreenShot

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Monday, August 31, 2009


1. Game Introduce

Take the whole space! It's a hand- size catalog only for me!
you can make your own catalog while you enjoy playing this game with the images of the hot Asian girls
Hidden Girls is a territory-winning game by moving ball like the Qix or Gals Panic.
Hidden Girls has 5 different modes and by clearing each mode, and you can enjoy sexy pictures of the Asian girls. The 5 modes, 'Widen Area', 'Collect Star', 'Catch Soldier', 'Catch Boss' and 'Vs Boss', have different clearing missions. When you block a hidden area with an item, you can earn that item. You can use the item whenever you like.

2. Features
- It is formed by five game modes and three stages each.
- You can play jigsaw puzzle with the picture, which comes after you clear the stage.
- The more you clear stages, the more you can get images of the six hot Asian girls.
- Also, you can enjoy the game excitingly by using items, such as freeze, speed-up and down, and bonus missile, for attacking enemies.