Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Soul Card Master

1) Game Introduction
'A strategic card game right in your palms!'
Soul card Master is a trading card game based on a story in a fantasy world with beasts, ghosts, humans and other type of creatures and magic.
The Card Master, should tactically set out his original card deck as strategies will determine the win or loss of the game.

2) Feature
- The cards can be earned through a battle or purchased from the shop. This way, you can create your own card deck.
- You can travel through many regions and find out their characteristics. This helps you create your own card deck.
- 30 different characters will show up as your enemies.


  1. Couldn't find your email, but a question here, wondering if you plan on updating this game at all.

    thanks skyye(reviewer for MTR)
    email is as I and many others would love to know

  2. There is a glitch in Taylor Temple where the game does not let you continue after 25%. Please fix.

    Also how does card combining work? It seems totally random.

  3. Ed & R are right!
    we need update ASAP..
    the game was good. I like the combat card strategy. but the bugs was awful. please, u must fix this....
    The bugs at Taylor temple were terrible.. and "combine card" option is very frustrating! ( it often fail, without knowing why)

    please reply me:


  4. We're very sorry that we caused you so much inconvenience.
    The upgraded soul card master(V1.0.1) is in review from Apple Co. and this takes in max 15 days.
    Thank you for your patience.

  5. Great game! Been wanting a TCG since Orions, and this definitely satisfies. A few comments:

    Would really like to have more info in the saves; either date/time the save was made and/or the ability to name the saves.

    The story text is pretty bad. Grammar errors and just poorly written/translated. It doesn't take away from the gameplay (which is quite fun), just saying.

    The zoom in effect is nice and all, but I'd like the option to turn it off; gets a bit annoying after a while.

    Would really like the option to sell cards (maybe for a small percentage, like 30%?). The only way to get rid of cards right now is by combining them, and I just found out there's a chance of failure when combining. Plus, combining seems pretty random - I'd like the option of selling cards as well in case I need that extra bit of money to get a specific card from the shop.

  6. Please, for the love of god, explain how the card combine feature works. I just continually destroy cards.

  7. Another issue - the menu and info buttons cover up part of the card info text bar - I'm kind of at a loss how that could have been missed in the testing process...

  8. Fun game, but it is highly unpolished. The dialogue contains multiple typos and is sometimes just badly written.
    There are numerous bugs in the game. One that stood out to me was the fact that pressing the button to scroll "Right" on the deck edit screen for monsters actually scrolls "Left."

    I hope you guys polish the game up a bit more. Its a really fun game.