Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Bored with everyday life, one day the Stick Runner suddenly enters the inner world of himself.
He starts off a long journey to return the real world.

You can rotate the iPhone/iPod while you play.
12 stages, 4 bosses
You can meet the 12 stages of various missions and 4 bosses.
various terrains
For each stage, there are various terrains, like an uphill climb, descent, tunnel, cave, and basement.
15 kinds of obstacles, 13 different Monsters, 5 kinds of events.
You can find the many different kinds of excitements
one touch
You can play this game anywhere, anytime if you can touch the screen

Monday, October 11, 2010

Let's Shepherd

Easy, Simple, Funny
Chase sheep to home.
when sheep goes back to home, the street has many dangers; cactus, rock, ice cube and wolf which has the eyes on sheep
When you return the all the sheep on the screen, the day is passed.
As time goes by, the number of sheep would increase and the number of wolf also would increase. Beat the highest score.


- Touch the sheep on the screen, and then chase them to home.
- Number of sheep which have to chase to home are established by every day.
- When the all sheep return to home, the day is passed, and next stage begins.
- This game is the kind of never ending style game which purpose is beating the highest score.
- You should touch on the screen many times when cactus, rock and ice cube appear on the screen in randomized maps.
- When a wolf comes up, grab and drag wolf. A wolf will be flown away.
- The main purpose of the game is chasing a sheep to home without any damage from the obstacles
- When the time is over, UFO comes up.