Monday, September 14, 2009


1. Game Introduction
Become the detective who solves the Gallery Homicide case.

Conan O’Brien was expecting nothing more than a leisurely evening of observing art work when he was invited to the pre-exhibition party. Then he ran into Detective Christopher Columbo at the party, he sensed there might be something more going on here. And all of a sudden, all lights go out, and shortly after the party host, Steven Hilton is discovered dead. Steven’s death was caused by a heart attack from being electrocuted. But Conan O’Brien’s keen detective sense investigates the scene and soon discovers evidence against ruling out Steven’s death as being purely accidental. It appeared that was only the beginning of a long night of continuous mysteries…shortly after, another blackout and another murder…
The pre-exhibition party was an invite only party and now with two murders on the same evening! The murderer must be someone among us in the gallery now!

No way in and no way out from the party! Two murders and no suspects…The murderer is among us…

Will the truth be revealed? Will justice be served?

2. Game Features

▶ So many deep secrets lie within the confined space of the gallery? Hidden paths and secret rooms with mysteries after mysteries.
▶ You must use your good detective skills to solve the complex and twisted mysteries developed with multiple scenarios.
▶ 8 different puzzles are integrated into the game in order to acquire evidence and progress further into the scenario at important events during the investigation.
▶ Time restriction to solve the mystery within the allotted time.
▶ You must seek the truth through the intertwined secrets of all characters.


  1. How do you play the game involving the weights on the chains in the library? I cannot understand how that's played.

  2. I can understand it but like everyone else, I'm stuck! Ive tried every logical combo based on every known weight system that uses colours.

    Nothing! No manner of clues are provided and the number of combinations is far too excessive to just keep guessing. I believe this is the last puzzle, too!!

    I've posted on every forum and site that makes any reference to this game. What's so bloody frustrating is that there doesn't even appear to be a Nate Games web site!!!

    If anyone ever finds the solution to this puzzle (or an email address for the developers) please post here. Thanks!!

  3. @INNOACE: please provide a clue here! We all paid fir this app and the lack of any support is really p!ssing me off!!