Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guardian Soul

Summon Action RPG! Summon the Guardian!!

1) Game Introduction
This romantic action RPG is about a novice knight, Leica, who defends her town Agnus from invasion of the Kingdom of Largo for the treasure, Agnesian. Starting the journey, she encounters a guardian master by chance and they get closer as time goes by. Revolving around main quests for defending Agnus, Leica faces many other guardians and guardian masters.
* Guardian Master: One with special power that summons guardians.

Items obtained from guardians enable you acquire other guardians, weapons, armors and potions from an alchemist.

2) Story
Guardian masters are regarded as a symbol of respect or sometimes a symbol of fear to the common people. One day, the Kingdom of Largo invades the holy territory, Agnus, with their guardian master, Cavalry. King Largo’s obsession to find the legendary treasure, Agnesia, gets excited though he is not sure if the treasure even exists.
In this time of chaos, one maiden visits Agnus…

3) Features
- Summoning : Numerous number of guardians that can be summoned!
- Quests : As quests given by NPCs are completed, the player attains high class.
- Alchemy : Items obtained on fights against guardians can be used to upgrade other guardians and armor. As the player's class gets higher, rare guardians, weapons, and armors can be created.
- Skill: In accordance with the guardians’ element, various skills exist, and can be used to damage the entire field.
- Arena: The place to easily collect materials and save up points by wiping out all the guardians in the arena.

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  1. This concepts sound amazing...any pics that you can post up


  2. Hi NateGames!

    I was greatly impressed with Guardian Soul!  It's a complete sensory joy to play!

    I compose and produce music for animation, games, audiobooks, and iPhone applications.  I've provided a link to some of my music:

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    I work remotely from my home studio or on location.  I am also affiliated and have access to recording studios in a variety of locations.

    Nice job on all your application development so far!  I would love to be involved with future apps as well as updates of current software.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

    p.s. The popular iPhone application, StickWars, includes my composition for in-game music!

  3. I love this game! The graphics are nicely done, game play is good and the fighting is very satisfactory when the enemies die =D. The Alchemy aspect makes an interesting change from the usual and I like that you don't need to bother too much about stats and stuff. I get a major headache sometimes playing other games with soooo many stats like HP, MP, SP, DEF, DEX, CON, INT, SPD, AGL, blah blah blah and as a power whore I'm always frustrated that I can't max them all! The Scenario tab is very helpful as I tend to stop playing for a while (with school work) so when I return to the game I know where I left off. Also the quests are very well laid out, all given by the same person, very convenient! So I always know who to return to, and who to get quests from, rather than having to walk all over the place to talk to everybody just so I can find more quests. Most RPGs are like that and I hate that! And with such a bad memory I don't always remember the location of my quest-giver! Dammit.

    I hope that there will be an update for this game! The d-pad isn't quite responsive sometimes and the alchemy failure rate is wayy too high at higher levels! =( It makes it so that we have to grind a lot to get more alchemy materials to progress the game and that takes away some of the fun.

  4. Hi, i have some problems. I hope there is an update soon.

    1) When music is on, Game is lagging. When i close it. its nice.
    2) Alchemy Failure rate is really high. i tried at class7 nearly 20 times. only 3 times is succeeded but they gave me potion.
    3)D-Pad sometimes isnt response.
    4)Please lower Alchemy requirements. Its kill fun.
    5)Maybe add more quest for other npc's for giving Alchemy Materials.
    6)Villag chief ? Is it typo mistake

  5. Thank you for your attention about 'Guardian Soul'.
    we are reflected in your opinion for update version.
    Thank you again.