Monday, August 31, 2009


1. Game Introduce

Take the whole space! It's a hand- size catalog only for me!
you can make your own catalog while you enjoy playing this game with the images of the hot Asian girls
Hidden Girls is a territory-winning game by moving ball like the Qix or Gals Panic.
Hidden Girls has 5 different modes and by clearing each mode, and you can enjoy sexy pictures of the Asian girls. The 5 modes, 'Widen Area', 'Collect Star', 'Catch Soldier', 'Catch Boss' and 'Vs Boss', have different clearing missions. When you block a hidden area with an item, you can earn that item. You can use the item whenever you like.

2. Features
- It is formed by five game modes and three stages each.
- You can play jigsaw puzzle with the picture, which comes after you clear the stage.
- The more you clear stages, the more you can get images of the six hot Asian girls.
- Also, you can enjoy the game excitingly by using items, such as freeze, speed-up and down, and bonus missile, for attacking enemies.


1 comment:

  1. This is actually a really good game. Do you think you could make a modified version of the game were you could use your own personal pictures? I'd totally pay for that. I think this would open up the game to more customers. My girlfriend says she likes this game minus the Asian