Sunday, November 1, 2009

A-Yo Sushi Master

Large sushi party, "sushi gone" three generations have continued against the tyranny of "bribery former sushi" character running Mari-KIM protagonist! "Sushi master 4 - Rotation Sushi" could not be found on the predecessor "sushi" business tycoon game is to introduce the system. Sushi by implementing realistic to focus on human relationships, sushi and a variety of ways of tailoring, fishing nets, pole-and-line fishing, sushi trim so new and different mini-games are available. Costumes for various events in the game equipped to play the game a fresh feel You can enjoy!


• Sushi maximize the system's reality seems as if the sushi chef immersion guaranteed!

• Reputation, physical, time, costumes, quests, strengthen, sushi, an event such as a tycoon system, adding a two-step upgrade!

• Traditional sushi, roll sushi, new sushi, shrimp tempura, pole-and-line fishing, net fishing, including game times trim ensure the best use your hands!

• More than 20 main missions and 50 different types of sub-quests to provide a variety of purposes!

• Send gifts, rankings, including five kinds of network systems and skills will compete with other users.

• Costumes, clover, collection enhancements, such as a master trophy!

• Taste, an impressive event, residence time, armed with a special menu, personality factors such as the 30 people waiting a lot of character!

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  2. hi i really like this game purchase it for a long time still cant finish due to crashes all the time, restart many time too. please fix this with an update or something i have read some review mostly everyone app crash too. since we brought please update to fix the crash thank i would like to finish the game

  3. I found a bug on king of certificate.

    Please fix it.

    I love this game so much.