Monday, March 29, 2010

GrandPar Golf

1)Game Introduce

GrandPar Golf is a fantastic full golf game in 3D graphics. In GrandPar Golf, collect potions and level-up your character as you play on a 3 dimensional golf course. Choose from 5 different elderly characters, customize them with various items that provide different golf skills and even rejuvenate them by collecting potions.


☆Tour mode: Tour Mode is used for gathering ndorphins to train the character through play. The more you level up, the younger the character becomes, and the character will also increase its Skill Level.

★Match up mode: Match mode is used for enjoying competition with others on the network.

☆144 golf courses with various themes(Ground HILL/Island Heaven/Silver Crystal/Demon Fire/Ancient Desert)

★Over 300 items : The game is packed with numerous costumes, accessories, You can obtain various items through the itemshop menu in the clubhouse.

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  2. I can't get the game to launch. Lame!!

  3. Voice feature for GrandPar Golf


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  4. Excuse me. It always crash when I restore my shop . Check it please ! Thanks.