Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chronicle of ZIC: Sorcerer Edition

Ex-mercenary ZIC now has to stop the Devil to save the Continent!
The story of ‘Chronicle of ZIC’ revolves around the main character ZIC whose destiny is saving the Parcas continent from the Devil scheme of Raycan and Phillip II. ZIC’s journey through adventurous destiny is not only about the battle versus various enemies but also love, work, help and various missions to amplify his abilities and level.

Chronicle of ZIC Sorcerer Edition
ZIC Sorcerer Edition is action RPG game that user can play only as Sorcerer among three basic classes of Knight, Hunter, and Sorcerer. Player can grow one’s own character by fighting against various tribes like Undead, Dragon, Elf and Devil in the massive map of Parcas Continent.
To maximize action RPG’s exiting points, ‘Chronicle of ZIC’ applied many new systems and functions:- NEW! Class change and upgrades: you can select better class and obtain upgraded skills.- Reinforcement of elements: available when full score is achieved (even when you are in party quest and dungeon).- Special items: for full level achievers- Thousands of items- Item modifiers and attributes: item combination and the ability changes (ex: Angelic Sword’s power rises when you attach magical stone item)


  1. 每次心情跌到谷底,就對自己說:休息一下再重新開始吧 ....................................................

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