Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Coming Soon~~!
You are easy in two words with a point of a game to TaKoYaKi is made directly from delicious food,
and selling, and you are simple, but add to a pleasure in various devices side That you managed.
A pleasure of TaKoYaKi sales to feel to A pleasure of operation.

1.A mini game is made from TaKoYaKi materials to lovers.
2.You roast three TaKoYaKi with a kind to the materials.
3.You fit in a correct city, and you sell to guests that you wanted.
4.If a guest gets angry, and you have gone, reputation falls.
5.You save money, and you raise reputation, and you make Japanese the highest TaKoYaKi Shop, but go.
6.You look for a steel plate of the FireDragon which is a treasure of father, and you had better become a chief in all Japanese regions.