Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Coming Soon~~!
You are easy in two words with a point of a game to TaKoYaKi is made directly from delicious food,
and selling, and you are simple, but add to a pleasure in various devices side That you managed.
A pleasure of TaKoYaKi sales to feel to A pleasure of operation.

1.A mini game is made from TaKoYaKi materials to lovers.
2.You roast three TaKoYaKi with a kind to the materials.
3.You fit in a correct city, and you sell to guests that you wanted.
4.If a guest gets angry, and you have gone, reputation falls.
5.You save money, and you raise reputation, and you make Japanese the highest TaKoYaKi Shop, but go.
6.You look for a steel plate of the FireDragon which is a treasure of father, and you had better become a chief in all Japanese regions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Great war between human and monsters, and two brothers’ inevitable fate. This time, Warrior and Mage!
Ruehl’s journey to find his missing brother finally ends up to…
Itarus 2 is an Action RPG game based on various skills and extremely customizable character build, which gives the game more depth and broader game play experience.


-Based on Warrior and Mage class, character is fully customizable
-72 splendid skills to use.
-Costume changes the appearance of your character
-Improved monster AI. No hack and slash, they have strategies now!
-60 main quests and 100+ sub quests. Total 160+ quests to enjoy.
-Achievements and titles, each comes with unique benefits allow much more customizing.
-Choose between virtual pad controls or touch screen controls.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crimson Gem Saga

1) Game Introduce
IGN score 8.4. ‘Crimson gem saga’ to achieve an average mark of 80 in North America PSP(TM) RPG Game-Webzin.
It's an adventure fantasy to find out the Crimson gem, Wicked stone with a power of control of mind.
It will be a best gift to users enjoying JRPG style, an easy game to operation and understand.

2) Features
To re-create more and more realistic event scenes emceeing full voice over 60% of the event dialog.
No tile map graphic. A beautiful background graphic by handmade painting.
Sweeping changes of interface by user(I-phone/I-pad) characteristics.
the Greatest capacity(400MB) RPG game in AppStore with a higher-capacity visual and voice game
Playtime is over 30 hours.
A Preemptive attack battle system with tension and Critical Combo to relieve the boredom
All kinds of cute Character and a full-screen wonderful Portrait image