Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Missile

[Crazy Missile] is a unlimited action defence shooting game that you can enjoy shutting down missiles in the sky upgrading transformation robot.

About 100 of various stages and different kinds of game modes! Upgrading your robot by points you obtained through the stages is available.

Missiles that almost filled screen! Dynamic skills that shut down those missiles! Crazy Missile is new type of defence action shooting game that provide thrill by these.


By Impulse laser, you can explode all missiles in the screen. It brings you fantastic action thrill.

Mission mode! 4 areas that has 25 stages! You can enjoy almost 100 of many stages through this mode. Survival mode! All 99 levels! Difficulty increases as level goes up.

Upgrade your robot by points as your type in the Factory section. Upgrading 7 kinds of various parts is possible.

10 kinds of items! Upgrading your weapon. Transforming robot. Increasing damage. Recovering. These are interesting factors various items give you.


  1. hey i just purchased it, i praised for the very good looking sprites. the game runs fine got played nice until 1ST STAGE !!! THEN IT LAGS !!! VERY VERY LAGGY UNPLAYABLE !!!! i'm using 2nd gen iPod Touch why you didn't mention on the description that the game has problems with older devices !!! you just like deceiving us, gamers..is this something that can be fixed with an update or not ?!?!

    seriously i'm very dissappoint with this. i admire you guys for the good work on the graphics but with this ... X(

  2. I really enjoy this game (on 3GS) but, there is no Area B and it will be great if there were scores integretion in order to compare (Gamecenter or Openfeint).

  3. Thx for update !
    Can't wait for next news features...

  4. Openfeint does not work. Please, fix it, the game is great!