Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tales Weaver

Tales of Weaver: Lucian Kaltz is a mobile game based on famous MMORPG entilted Tales of Weaver.

Tales of Weaver is well known for its compelling world based on the popularized novel, Children of Rune.

The mobile version has been modified to allow players to understand the story and lore of the world in a smaller package than that of the MMORPG version.

Kaltz family reside in the Anomard kingdom
Kaltz family line are the descendants of the legendary adventurer, Lagrandz Kaltz.
Lucian Kaltz is the future successor of Kaltz family.
Demerin Kaltz, father of Lucian, decided to make an offer to Lucian to ensure his take over as the Kaltz family successor: Once Lucian becomes a Knight of Exhibiter, he will get full support from his father to become an adventurer.
Lucian accepts his father's offer and travels to Exhibiter with his guardian knight, Boris Jinneman.
As lucican trains to become a Knight of Exhibiter, many unusual events begin to occur…….

Beautifully detailed graphics and engaging action game play and skill systems.
Character customizing system with variety of items.
Enchanting story line with plenty of play time.

Character: 3 character classes to choose from. Each class will have a focus of strength, speed or defence.
Pet System: Pets can be acquired during battle and rewards players with special abilities.
Item trade: Users can trade items on online.
Dual system: Users can attack other players dungeon. Users can place their pet to protect their own dungeon.


  1. Animation is really nice but the game speed was just too fast to comprehend. Need to be fixed immediately..

  2. I bought more slot but it didn't give me more slot Instead it go to previous saved point? I want it fixed or my refund immediately

  3. Fix the many bugs in this game! (And there are a lot!) Its not fun to play.... Other words ; game is unplayable...

    Update or refund.

    I will think twice before buying a game from Nate again....

  4. I've purchased several games but I'm sad to say this one is terrible. The spelling and English translation are terrible and the gameplay is way too fast. This has a potential to be an epic game but the problems need to be addressed A.S.A.P! I'd be willing to help just to see this game reach it's full potential!

  5. Is there a fatal error in main quest ch9-159 Ancient Research Institute? After I killed all the monster on that map, nothing happened..

  6. I just bought klara's egg with paying $0.99.
    But it is not in my inverntory.
    I want it fixed or my refund right now.

  7. way to fast to handle. The characters on a sugar rush or something. This made the game VERY unenjoyable.

  8. Hello.
    I'm automouse2.
    we sell great Talesweaver game-bot & others.
    it works with scanning screen of the game. ( not hacking )
    it's safe, stable, perfect.

    plz check up.

    Thank you. Have a nice day ( ^ ^)

  9. Help I am stuck on chapter 7-141 where is the vain temple? I have killed the 15 Nayatrei Dopplegangers but cant find the temple!!

  10. I am stuck on 5-114 , where is the spirit herb and mana potion medium?

  11. I bought a few cash items but they are not found in my inventory!D: Need help here >_<
    I bought the recovery pot and the bronze set for 30!

  12. Where i can get spirit herb??? I cannot find in spring cave.. please help me...

  13. Hmmm, nobody know where can i get spirit herb???? I cannot find it in cave of spring. Someone help me please...

  14. I bought a few cash items but they are not found in my inventory!please help or I want my money back!!!!

  15. I bought a few cash items but they are not found in my inventory!please help or I want my money back!!!!

  16. I bought a few cash items but they are not found in my inventory!please help or I want my money back!!!!

  17. I killed so many times Jelly King and didn't complete the mission where I can take the devil compass?

    And did you have a monsters database? For we can search what kind of items the monster can drop?