Sunday, November 7, 2010

Defence Hero

Defence Hero is based on the war between the undead and the allied army of humans, dwarfs and elves in the fantasy world. You will use side-scrolling for defense and offense in the hybrid strategic game. Protect your castle using the battle cards and hero control (action RPG or shooting arcade) by destroying the opponent’s castle!

1. Real-like graphics : Colorful and various characters aiming not only mobile market but world’s smart phone market

2. Hero system : Fun shootings!! 2 types of tower heroes / Fun actions!! 3 types of field heroes

3. Battle card system
- Strategies : It is no more about continuous upgrading of a few numbers of towers or units
- Collection : Collect various cards by winning or purchasing / Luck and eagerness for growth : Strengthen or combine the cards with enchant

4. Offense & Defense system : Exciting real battle that you don’t always have to defense


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  2. It does not display properly on my iPad2! Half of the screen is black! Please fix it ASAP!